Surge Protectors

No pun intended, but this thing needs a surge protector. We had a lightning storm and a bolt hit my wind generator tower. Instead of it just killing our beloved ZAP Trap, it deactivated the safety and sent a blade straight into our Christmas wreath. The resin added a sticky film to the blade which I used steel wool to clean off. I think you guys should be more careful as someone might get hurt.

-- Ruth Coffman, Calpet, WY


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Dear Ruth,
Thanks for writing in. What you mentioned is actually a feature, not a flaw. You're 18% more likely to get a zombie attack during a lightning storm, probably due to the virus hyperactivating due to the static electricity in the air. With the spring and counterweights, the only surge-related concern is the electromagnetic safety retention latches. Those, along with the other artificial intelligence aspects of the ZAP Trap are protected by surge arrestors. We would rather have the occasional excessive strike than an incapacitated ZAP Trap. What's of more concern is the placement of decorations within your ZAP Trap and cleaning the blades with steel wool. Please keep the ZAP trap free from decorations, especially sticky ones. The blades should only be cleaned with our approved cleaning wipes. Using other materials may impair the performance of the blades and void your warranty.
-- JIM

Posted by theZAPtrap on Mon, 12/22/2008 - 12:42