Beware of coordinated road attacks!

  • theZAPtrap
Posted: Mon, 12/22/2008 - 13:07

I just got news that zombie virus might also spread through the white powder all over the place in winter (no, not snow!). People without cabin air filters can get infected, likely while driving at high speeds. As the virus takes over they might rapidly decrease their speed, boxing in someone who hasn't been infected, stopping their vehicles, resulting in an "accident", and finally preparing to feed.


In any case, staying inside the vehicle until the area is cleared and safe is of prime importance. Even if you do not have an air filter, if you are or do become infected, confining yourself to your car is the most gracious bit of self sacrifice you can make. If you do want to duke it out, however, it might be worthwhile to have a Zombie Raid Survival Kit in your car as a precaution. Maybe antiviral air cabin filters is another product we should offer in the store.