How It Works

Any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.

I guess that makes us magicians as far as you're concerned.

Here we'll let you in on a few of our secrets, but we can't show you everything. The US Patent Office is being less than helpful these days, so we have to closely guard our trade secrets.

Boxed and Ready for Delivery!

Delivered and Ready for Installation, Rain or Shine!

As soon as we get photos and video of the ZAP trap, its installation process and the function, we'll put it up here.

Moving on...

Humans have different heat signatures than zombies. Our circulatory systems are made up of our blood vessels and our heart. There are large blood vessels and small blood vessels. Small blood vessels have a lower insulation ratio when comparing surface area to volume, so the areas where there are more small vessels, you'll get less heat. Conversely, where you get larger blood vessels, you'll get more heat. Your bigger vessels are closer to the trunk of your body. This is your "core". Zombie cores lack warm blood circulation, so as they age they get colder and colder.

Notice in the thermal image below, that the zombie is radically colder than the normal human. This is what the ZAP Trap bases its life-saving decision on. If the heat signature is of a human, the ZAP Trap remains armed and ready. If it's not a living being, lives get saved when the undead are put to rest with a few quick actions of the ZAP Trap.

An Easy Decision for Either Humans or Machines!