Items for Purchase Online

The customized nature of the ZAP Trap makes it difficult to sell them online as it requires an on-site consultation and extensive installation, but the following accessories are available:

Due to product availability and inventory fluctuations, products may differ from the pictured items below. Orders are available to shipment within the USA only unless special arrangements with

the ZAP Trap Warning Stickers
Set of 4

These 2"x6" stickers let smarter zombies and their makers know that you're not playing around.


the ZAP Trap Command Center
5" or 8" LCD Display

Place this handy 5" (top) or 8" (bottom two) LCD display on your desk, bedside, or even mount by your front door to let you know exactly what the ZAP Trap is up to!


The ZAP Trap Mouse Pad
Soft and Neopreney

What better way to keep mouses' balls clean and lint free than one of our handy decorated pads? They look like our LCD Command Center but instead of being a high tech gadget, it's just a cool piece of neoprene that also makes for a desperate zombie snack. Impress your friends!


The ZAP Trap Playing Cards
Set of Two Decks

Sometimes it's just not safe to go outside. Pass the time safely indoors with these two decks of our own exclusive playing cards featuring the ZAP Trap and Zombie themes!


Zombie Raid Survival Kit
Heavy Duty

Unfortunately the ZAP Trap can't protect you in your car or when you're camping. In that case, bring along on of our Survival Kits including most of the items in the store, plus the bonus of some defensive and offensive gear, including at least two handy non-explosive decapitation and/or bludgeoning tools. We won't tell you what they are, but they'll git'em good. For hygiene and consumable reasons, this kit is not returnable or refundable, but it's still a good value. The case itself is a Pelican waterproof pressure-equalizing case, by itself worth around $230.


ZAP Alliance T-Shirt
Superior Quality

Wear your colors loud and proud, brothers and sisters.
We shall overcome some day.


ZAP Alliance Hooded Sweatshirt
Warm and Heavy

Wear your colors loud and proud, brothers and sisters.
We shall overcome some day, even in chilly weather.


ZAP Alliance Coffee Mug
Set of 2 Mugs

Enjoy a hot cup of Joe as you safely relax and watch the spectacle in the ZAP Trap, or take it to work and start up a conversation with like minded warm ones.


ZAP Alliance Membership
Undeniable Proof

By joining the ZAP Alliance, you will receive lifetime access to the private forums and a plastic ID card including your photo, name and title.

If ordering the photo version, please email your desired ID photo to along with your name and title.

Name to be printed on card
Title to be printed on card

Gift Certificate for Store
Easy Giving!

If you know someone who would love some of this stuff but you just can't decide, get them a gift certificate!

It's good for the full value that you choose!

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